Red Powder Mercury

Red Powder Mercury


Abstract Number: 19930690
Headline: ‘Red Mercury’ is Lithium-6, Russian Weaponsmiths Say
Date: 22 July 1993
Bibliography: Nucleonics Week, p. 10
Material: ‘red mercury’

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Red Powder Mercury
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Red Powder Mercury the name ‘red mercury’ is a code word used in the USSR nuclear weapons program. Lithium-6 has two nuclear weapons uses: as a reactor target for production of tritium, and in the form of lithium-6 deuteride as a thermonuclear weapon material. The most common production process uses large amounts of mercury as chemical agents. The code name originated because mercuric impurities contaminate the lithium- 6 during production, giving it a red color. The uses for lithium-6 are consistent with claims about the uses of ‘red mercury. The USSR built a large complex in the early days of their nuclear weapon program to produce and stockpile lithium- 6. Russian and Western officials have both stated that no lithium-6 from Russian or Chinese inventories has been diverted since the disintegration of the USSR.

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Liquid Mercury

Selling per Flask (34.5kg)

  • 99.99% Minimum Purity

  • Used in processing of Gold

  • Quality Assured Lab Tested


  • Appearance: Silver metal liquid

  • Odor: Odorless Vapor Density: 7.0

  • Boiling Point: 357.0

  • Melting Point: -39.0

  • Solubility: Insoluble

  • Specific Density: 13.59 Molecular Weight: 200.59 Si: 0.0001%

  • Max. Fe: 0.00005%

  • Max. Ca: 0.00005%

  • Max. Pb, Cu, Zn: Complied


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